A creative agency on a mission to protect and serve local and national brands.


Branding is our specialty. There’s nothing more exciting to us than formulating a brand from a blank slate.


We focus on crafting products, experiences and platforms that have the power to transform a brand.


We believe in creating lasting value. From the concept to the execution, we are committed to better results.

It is with great honor to introduce the new improved Image Agent.


The new Image Agent brand encompasses all of the above and more with a refreshed logo, new set of services and a updated website. We put our design team to work to create a brand that speaks to you, a brand that communicates that we will take your business to new levels, a brand that brings creativity and design together in perfect balance.

As we launch our redesigned website please know that more is on the way. In the next few weeks we will be tweaking and adding new features to the website like, expanded services, more completed work, a project planner and blog updates.

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